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Code of Ordinances

Spring Lake Park is happy to provide you with our Code of Ordinances as a public service. The Code is hosted on the American Legal Publishing website.  The Code is now fully searchable and ADA accessible.  Click on the link below to access the Spring Lake Park City Code.

Spring Lake Park Code of Ordinances
2015 S-13 Supplement (Current through 7-2-2015)

Ordinances approved by the City Council but not yet codified by American Legal Publishing are available below.  Ordinances are generally codified twice a year.

Ordinances Approved since the 2015 S-13 Supplement

Ordinance 418 - An Ordinance Granting a Franchise to Qwest Broadband Services, Inc. d/b/a CenturyLink, to Construct, Operate and Maintain a Cable System in the City of Spring Lake Park, Minnesota, for the Purpose of Providing Cable Service; Setting Forth Conditions Accompanying the Grant of the Franchise; Providing for Regulation and Use of the System and the Public Rights-of-Way in Conjunction with the City's Right-of-Way Ordinance, if any; and Prescribing Penalties for the Violation of the Provisions Herein (12/7/15)

Ordinance 419
- An Ordinance Repealing and Replacing Chapter 152, Signs and Billboards, with a New Chapter 152, Subdivision Control; Repealing and Replacing Chapter 153, Antennas and Towers, with a New Chapter 153, Zoning; Repealing and Replacing Chapter 154, Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks, with a New Chapter 154, Antennas and Towers; Repealing and Replacing Chapter 155, Subdivision Control, with a new Chapter 155, Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks; and Repealing Chapter 156, Zoning (12/7/15)

Ordinance 420 - An Ordinance Regulating Land Use by Establishing a Floodplain Management District (12/7/15)

Ordinance 421 - An Ordinance Adopting a Fee Schedule for the City of Spring Lake Park (12/7/15)

Ordinance 422 - An Ordinance Amending the 2016 Fee Schedule (1/4/16)

Ordinance 423 - An Ordinance Amending Chapter 153 of the Spring Lake Park Code of Ordinance Relating to Zoning (2/1/16)