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Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement

Barry Brainard
Building Official/Fire Marshal
Code Enforcement Director

Fax:  763-792-7257
Cell:  763-360-4970

Kristine Pearson
Permit Technician

Office:  763-784-6491
Fax:   763-792-7257

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Why Do We Need Building and Zoning Codes?
The regulation of building construction and property maintenance is not a recent trend. It can be traced through recorded history for over 4,000 years.  This provides evidence that people have become increasingly aware of their ability to avoid catastrophic consequences of building and property failures. In early America, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson encouraged the development of building regulations to provide for minimum standards that would ensure health and safety.

We all rely on the safety and maintenance of property, buildings and equipment that surround us in our everyday living. Today, most of the United States is covered by a network of modern property, building, and equipment regulations ranging from fire, structural safety, health, security, preservation, and conservation of energy.  As a property owner, you have a substantial investment which can be seriously jeopardized through less-than-complete code enforcement or compliance programs.

What is a Building or Zoning Permit?
A building or zoning (also know as property), permit is a license that grants legal permission to start construction of a building or property project. A permit allows the enforcement of the codes that have been adopted to protect the public health, safety and welfare by reducing the potential hazards of unsafe conditions and assuring community standards are met for local zoning requirements.

The permit process helps citizens understand the many federal, state, and local requirements before any construction or remodeling works begins.  Permit fees are a “user fee”, established and regulated by the State of Minnesota and the City of Spring Lake Park, based on estimated valuation (material and labor).  Permits provide the means for Code Officials to inspect and ensure that the work meets all codes that are applicable.

Who Enforces the Codes in Spring Lake Park?
All building, fire, rental, property, and zoning codes are enforced by the City of Spring Lake Park Code Enforcement Department currently consisting of one full time Building Official/Fire Marshal.

The Code Enforcement Department is administered by the Building Official/Fire Marshal, Barry Brainard. Mr. Brainard has been with the City of Spring Lake Park since 2000, and has over 30 years of experience as a Building Official. Mr. Brainard is certified through the State of Minnesota as a licensed Building Official and Commercial/Residential Energy Auditor.

Building, mechanical, and plumbing information, licensing, rental, and scheduling is conducted by Kristine Pearson.  Ms. Pearson has been with the City of Spring Lake Park since 2000.

All rental and nuisance inspections are currently conducted by the Code Enforcement Director, Barry Brainard.